huginn - programming language with no quirks, so simple every child can master it.
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  1. Syntax
  2. Keywords
  3. Types

    Huginn provides several built-in scalar and collection types, as well as user defined compound types.

    integer real string number character boolean list deque dict order lookup set
  4. Built-ins
  5. Core library classes
  6. Packages

The FileSystem package provides interface to various file system queries and operations.

  • FileSystemException( message ) - create instance of FileSystemException with given message
  • basename( path ) - strip directory from filename for given path
  • chmod( path, mode ) - change file mode bits for file path to new mode mode
  • current_working_directory() - get current working directory path
  • dir( path ) - list content of the directory given by path
  • dirname( path ) - strip last component from file name for given path
  • open( path, mode ) - open file under given path in the attached file system, using specified (i/o) mode
  • reading() - a mode for .open() method, used to open files for reading
  • readlink( path ) - get resolved symbolic links or canonical file name for given path
  • remove( path ) - remove file with given path from attached file system
  • rename( oldPath, newPath ) - rename or move file from oldPath to newPath in attached file system
  • stat( path ) - get metadata information for file given by path
  • writing() - a mode for .open() method, used to open files for writing

The DirectoryScan class represents ongoing directory scan operation.

The FileStat class allows obtaining metadata information about various file system objects.

  • accessed() - get file's last access time
  • changed() - get file's metadata modification time
  • created() - get file's metadata modification time
  • group() - get a group name of the file owner
  • id() - get file's identification number
  • mode() - get file's access permissions
  • modified() - get file's data modification time
  • name() - get the name of the file
  • size() - get file size in bytes
  • type() - get the type of the file
  • user() - get an user name of the file owner

The FileSystemException exception type for FileSystem package.