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huginn - programming language with no quirks, so simple every child can master it.
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Huginn is a computer programming language with following traits:

  • interpretedmultiplatform, what you type is what you got
  • imperativeuse statements to change a program's state
  • functional stylefunctions, lambdas and closures are first class citizens
  • object orienteduser defined types, composition, inheritance, exceptions
  • introspective, non-reflective type systemuser defined types are fixed and immutable at runtime,
    no monkey patching
  • strongly typedabsolutely no implicit value conversions and no implicit type coercion
  • dynamically typedfinal type consistency checks are done at runtime
  • duck typinga set of members determine the valid semantics of a type
  • no quirks guaranteesemantics is consistent across types in all contexts
  • support arbitrary precision calculations per built-in type precision is restricted only by the amount of hardware resources
  • interpreter/executor trivially embeddable in C++ code
    #include <yaal/tools/hhuginn.hxx>
    void foo( HStreamInterface& src_ ) {
    	HHuginn h;
    	h.load( src_ );
    	if ( h.parse() && h.compile() && h.execute() ) {
    		cout << "ok" << endl;

Example program written in Huginn language:

Editor (vim) - pow.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]


Terminal - shell session [–line no]
[amok@vegeta](2/1)~/$ ./pow.hgn 3 333
Hello World!
number of arguments: 3
argv_[0]: ./pow.hgn
argv_[1]: 3
argv_[2]: 333
3 ^ 333 = 76098802313205980972042586726503278072789635637207786511701003\