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huginn - programming language with no quirks, so simple every child can master it.
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The Database package provides access to various database engines through database agnostic interface. Following drivers are supported: SQLite3 PostgreSQL MySQL Firebird.
  • DatabaseException( message ) - create instance of DatabaseException with given message
  • connect( DSN ) - create connection to the database specified by given DSN
The DatabaseException exception type for Database package.
The Database.DatabaseConnection class allows performing various type of queries on connected database.
  • column_names( table ) - get list of column names from given table in connected database
  • query( sql ) - create query object for given sqlstring
  • table_names() - get list of table names available in connected database
The Database.Query class represents compiled database query. It is used for actual query execution.
  • bind( index, value ) - bind given value for query variable at given 1-based index
  • execute() - execute query
The Database.QueryResult class represent result of database query execution. It allows getting both material query results and query result meta data.
  • column_name( index ) - get name of SELECT's column at given index
  • fetch_row() - fetch next row of data from this result set
  • field_count() - get number of SELECTed attributes
  • has_next() - tell if this result set has more rows to be fetched
  • insert_id() - get value of row ID from last INSERT statement