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huginn - programming language with no quirks, so simple every child can master it.
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  1. Syntax
  2. Keywords
  3. Types

    Huginn provides several built-in scalar and collection types, as well as user defined compound types.

    integer real string number character boolean list deque dict order lookup set
  4. Built-ins
  5. Core library classes
  6. Packages

The DateTime package provides date and time handling functionalities.

  • DateTimeException( message ) - create instance of DateTimeException with given message
  • clock() - create a stopper-watch instance
  • now() - get information about current point-in-time
  • sleep( nanoseconds ) - suspend program execution for specified amount of nanoseconds

The DateTimeException exception type for DateTime package.

The Clock provides a stopper watch concept machinery.

  • milliseconds() - how many milliseconds elapsed since last Clock reset
  • reset() - reset Clocks elapsed time counter
  • to_string() - get precise string representation of elapsed time measured by this Clock

The Time class represent information about point-in-time.

  • from_string( str ) - set time from parsed stringstr
  • get_day() - get number of days from time
  • get_hour() - get number of hours from time
  • get_minute() - get number of minutes from time
  • get_month() - get number of months from time
  • get_second() - get number of seconds from time
  • get_year() - get number of years from time
  • mod_day( num ) - modify time value by num of days
  • mod_hour( num ) - modify time value by num of hours
  • mod_minute( num ) - modify time value by num of minutes
  • mod_month( num ) - modify time value by num of months
  • mod_second( num ) - modify time value by num of seconds
  • mod_year( num ) - modify time value by num of years
  • set_date( YYYY, MM, DD ) - set date value to YYYY-MM-DD
  • set_datetime( YYYY, MM, DD, hh, mm, ss ) - set date value to YYYY-MM-DDhh:mm:ss
  • set_time( hh, mm, ss ) - set time value to hh:mm:ss
  • subtract( time ) - calculate time difference between this and time time points
  • to_string() - get string representation of this point-in-time