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huginn - programming language with no quirks, so simple every child can master it.
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  1. Syntax
  2. Keywords
  3. Types

    Huginn provides several built-in scalar and collection types, as well as user defined compound types.

    integer real string number character boolean list deque dict order lookup set
  4. Built-ins
  5. Core library classes
  6. Packages

The Introspection package provides run time introspection facility.

  • IntrospectionException( message ) - create instance of IntrospectionException with given message
  • attribute( object, name ) - get object's attribute (a field or method) by name.
  • call_stack() - get current call stack.
  • import( package ) - import given package.
  • list_attributes( object ) - list attributes of given object.
  • symbol( name ) - get global symbol by name.
  • version() - return runtime version information.