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The Network package provides access to various networking related functionalities.
  • NetworkException( message ) - create instance of NetworkException with given message
  • connect( connectionType, target[, port] ) - create a TCP connection of type connectionType to given target, optionally at given port
  • get( url[, login:{login}, password:{pass}] ) - fetch a resource from a remote HTTP server located under given url
  • hostname() - get this host network name
  • post( url, payload1, [payload2, ..., login:{login}, password:{pass}] ) - push payloads to a remote HTTP server
  • resolve( hostName ) - resolve IP address of given hostName
The Network.HTTPResponse class is representing a response to Network.get(...) request
  • filename - a suggested filename for acquired resource
  • lastModified - a time of last modification of acquired resource
  • mimeType - a mime type of acquired resource
  • stream - a HTTP connection stream to fetch requested resource
The NetworkException exception type for Network package.