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huginn - programming language with no quirks, so simple every child can master it.
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  1. Syntax
  2. Keywords
  3. Types

    Huginn provides several built-in scalar and collection types, as well as user defined compound types.

    integer real string number character boolean list deque dict order lookup set
  4. Built-ins
  5. Core library classes
  6. Packages

The RegularExpressions package provides support for regular expressions based text searches.

  • RegularExpressionsException( message ) - create instance of RegularExpressionsException with given message
  • compile( pattern ) - compile given regular expression pattern to be used for text searches

The RegularExpressionException exception type for RegularExpression package.

The CompiledRegularExpression class gives access to result of regular expression based text searches.

  • groups( text ) - get all matching regular expression groups from this regular expression in given text
  • match( text ) - find a match of this compiled regular expression in given text
  • replace( text, replacement ) - replace each occurrence of matched groups in text with replacement pattern

The RegularExpressionMatch class represents result of regular expression based text search.

  • matched() - tell if given regular expression pattern matched against given string