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huginn - programming language with no quirks, so simple every child can master it.
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The Testing package provides automated Unit Testing Framework for Huginn programming language.
  • FailedAssertion() - access class FailedAssertion imported in submodule
  • ensure_equals( actual, expected[, message] ) - assert that tested value (actual) is equal to an expected value.
  • ensure_false( result[, message] ) - assert that result of given expression is false.
  • ensure_throws( code, exception, [, message] ) - assert that execution of given code will result in exception being thrown.
  • ensure_true( result[, message] ) - assert that result of given expression is true.
  • main() - access function main imported in submodule
  • po() - access package ProgramOptions imported in submodule
  • run_suite( suiteName ) - run Unit Test suite of given suiteName name
The Testing.TestResult class represents a result of execution of given test suite.
  • constructor() - access class TestResult imported in submodule