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huginn - programming language with no quirks, so simple every child can master it.
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  1. Syntax
  2. Keywords
  3. Types

    Huginn provides several built-in scalar and collection types, as well as user defined compound types.

    integer real string number character boolean list deque dict order lookup set
  4. Built-ins
  5. Core library classes
  6. Packages

The Text package provides various text manipulation algorithms.

  • CHARACTER_CLASS - a set of interesting character classes
  • TextException( message ) - create instance of TextException with given message
  • bin( int ) - convert int value to a string using binary representation
  • capitalize( str ) - return "Capitalized" version of input "capItaLiZeD" str
  • character_class( class ) - get given character class
  • distance( first, second ) - calculate Damerau-Levenshtein distance between first and secondstrings
  • hex( int ) - convert int value to a string using hexadecimal representation
  • join( coll, sep ) - join all string from coll into one string using sep as separator
  • oct( int ) - convert int value to a string using octal representation
  • repeat( seed, count ) - construct new string by repeating seedstringcount times
  • split( str, sep ) - split stringstr by separator sep into a list of strings
  • stream( [str] ) - create read/write text Stream object
  • substitute_environment( str[, recursively] ) - (recursively) substitute environment variables in str

CHARACTER_CLASS - The CHARACTER\_CLASS is a set of interesting character classes.

  • BIN_DIGIT - a set of binary digits
  • DIGIT - a set of decimal digits
  • GREEK - a set of Greek letters
  • HEX_DIGIT - a set of hexadecimal digits
  • LETTER - a set of Latin letters
  • LOWER_CASE_GREEK - a set of lower case Greek letters
  • LOWER_CASE_LETTER - a set of lower case Latin letters
  • OCT_DIGIT - a set of octal digits
  • SUBSCRIPT - a set of subscript characters
  • SUBSCRIPT_DIGIT - a set of subscript digits
  • SUBSCRIPT_LETTER - a set of subscript letters
  • SUBSCRIPT_LOWER_CASE_LETTER - a set of subscript lower case letters
  • SUBSCRIPT_UPPER_CASE_LETTER - a set of subscript upper case letters
  • SUPERSCRIPT - a set of superscript characters
  • SUPERSCRIPT_DIGIT - a set of superscript digits
  • SUPERSCRIPT_LETTER - a set of superscript letters
  • SUPERSCRIPT_LOWER_CASE_LETTER - a set of superscript lower case letters
  • SUPERSCRIPT_UPPER_CASE_LETTER - a set of superscript upper case letters
  • UPPER_CASE_GREEK - a set of upper case Greek letters
  • UPPER_CASE_LETTER - a set of upper case Latin letters
  • VOWEL - a set of vowels
  • WHITESPACE - a set of white space characters
  • WORD - a set of word like characters