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huginn - programming language with no quirks, so simple every child can master it.
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The XML package provides various text manipulation algorithms.
  • XMLException( message ) - create instance of XMLException with given message
  • create( name ) - create new XML document with given root node name
  • load( stream ) - load an XML document from given stream
XML.Element - The Element class represents a single XMLDocumentElement reference.
  • append( type, value ) - append new node of type type and value value at the end of this Element
  • attributes() - get Elements attributes
  • document() - get an XMLDocument to which this Element belongs to
  • name() - get the name of this Element
  • parent() - get parent node of this Element
  • remove( node ) - remove given Element child node of this Element
  • remove_nth( nth ) - remove nth child node of this Element
  • subscript( index ) get index'th child node of this Element
XML.Text - The Text class represents TEXT node in an XMLDocument.
XML.Entity - The Entity class represents an Entity reference in an XMLDocument.
XML.Comment - The Comment class represents a comment string in an XMLDocument.
XML.Attributes - The Attributes class represents a single XMLDocumentElementAttributes reference.
  • contains( name ) - check if given attribute exists in this attribute set
  • remove( name ) - remove attribute of given name
  • set_subscript( name, value ) - set given name attribute value to value
  • subscript( name ) - get value of attribute of given name