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huginn - język programowania bez psikusów, tak prosty że każde dziecko może go opanować.
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Sample of real life application of Huginn language.
Some of those samples are inspired by Rosetta Code project,
other are inspired by list of popular problems found on esolang page.

Solution for 100 doors problem.

Editor (vim) - 100doors.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Implementaion of a 24 game.

Editor (vim) - 24game.hgn [+line no]

Test how your terminal handles 256 color palette.

Editor (vim) - 256colors.hgn [+line no]

Print the text of the "99 bottles of beer" song.

Editor (vim) - 99bottles.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Following sample is implementation of a trie based solver for popular board game named Boggle.

Editor (vim) - solve.hgn [+line no]

Implementaion of a console Calendar.

Editor (vim) - calendar.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Convert degrees to Compass points.

Editor (vim) - compass-rose.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Implementaion of Deadfish interpreter.

Editor (vim) - deadfish.hgn [+line no]

Calculate a Digital root of a number.

Editor (vim) - digital-root.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Showcase an implementation of Dijkstra algorithm.

Editor (vim) - dijkstra.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Calculate n! for an arbitrary n, or output the sequence (1!, 2!, 3!,...), where n! = 1*2*...*n.

Editor (vim) - factorials.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Output the Fibonacci numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13...) using either recursion or iteration.

Editor (vim) - fibonacci.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Solution for Fizz Buzz problem.

Editor (vim) - fizzbuzz.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Print "Hello, world!".

Editor (vim) - helloworld.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Print word histogram of stream read from standard input.

Editor (vim) - word-histogram.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

An implementation of a K-means++ algorithm.

Editor (vim) - k-meansxx.hgn [+line no]

Print a Mandelbrot set on the console.

Editor (vim) - mandelbrot-set.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Automatically set proper -vf=....:expand with mplayer video player.

Editor (vim) - mplayer [+line no]

Soution for Narcissist problem.

Editor (vim) - narcissist.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Soution for Ordered words problem.

Editor (vim) - ordered-words.hgn [+line no]

Program that can be read in reverse and still have exactly the same meaning (Palindrome).

Editor (vim) - palindrome-source.hgn [+line no]

Soution for Parametrized SQL statement problem.

Editor (vim) - parametrized-sql.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Check (multiplicative) persistence of a number.

Editor (vim) - persistence-number-check.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Try to find largest persistent number in given range.

Editor (vim) - persistence-number-find.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Calculate π to an arbitrary precision.

Editor (vim) - pi.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Output program's own source code.

Editor (vim) - quine.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Apply the ROT13 cipher to the input text.

Editor (vim) - rot13.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]

Implementation of minimalistic Scheme interpreter.

Editor (vim) - scheme.hgn (Try it online!) [+line no]